Saturday, 12 June 2010


Todays dream is brought to you by pyscho eds discount pain.

Today i was out in Leeds i think with my dad and his mates. i was carrying a lot of gear i guess i was coming back from uni or somat. i eventually got tired and decided to go back to where i was staying which was some housing in a shopping centre (i dont get that either) i got in and started looking for entrance to the hotel or whatever it was (never got a chance to enter) until all my gear started to get to my and i began to topple over but a heavy plantpot managed to save my fall. there 2 fit foreign girls decided to talk to me commenting on how my hair looks a bit crap. while arranging myself so the gear wouldnt make me loose my balance again i was talking to them for a bit saying how this is the classic ed bed head look. Because i put a few of my things down so i could sort my rucksack some people used the distraction of this to grab one of my smaller bags but i saw him before he escaped and chased him down. by giving him an elbow to the gut he dropped to the ground and i started to talk to him about how the guy shouldnt steal stuff because its not fair on the people they steal from. After id finished my speech i turned back over to notice security beginning to pick up one of my larger bags which i immediately stopped by shouting him down and grabbing it back. At this point i couldnt even find the hotel i was supposed to be staying at so i stepped outside the building to get my bearings. i go down to some cafe area down by a river and look a the building where another girl comes over and talks to me at this point some chav scumbags begin to move to try and take my bags as they use her as a diversion. i spot them and warn them away because id allready had it done to me so im going to be super aware plus i would just not be in the mood to which they start to talk to me a bit where another chav tries to grab it again. Once again i spot him and tell him to just fuck off. After a couple more attempts i begin to get angry and show them just why they shouldnt try to steal of my by going sam fisher on their arses and punching them in the faces smacking their heads on walls etc. and they eventually back off. i try again to find out where im meant to be staying but i cant for the life of me figure it out so i go outside and just have a lie down thinking that my head isnt working properly because i was too pissed off and adrenaline filled which unfortunately leads to a sleep. I wake up the next day and the place im in is filled with people just generally ignoring me sleeping inbetween the cafe chairs and i notice im lying down on one of my bags that happens to be empty. with a couple stuff they didnt have any use for scattered around me i begin to fill my bag with what i can find thats mine when i spot the girl who started this whole endeavour off staring at me with a guilty face. i stare back at her with a disappointed face for quite some while until i notice there's a few things in that bag allready. one a note on a piece on a white post tit thing which i had initially wrote on but only partially and a picture. The note read that she was sorry for what had happened and that to celebrate they almost always go to a nearby club of which is what the picture was. I ask to borrow someones laptop to which they surprisingly agree and i look for what club it is eventually finding the club from the indentical picture on the site along with a picture featuring the muggers on the dancefloor. i take note of where it is and give the laptop back (after some prompting because it was similar to mine :S) and go after them in the night. i get into the club quite easily and move through the crowd to the main dance floor where i see them all there partying away on some kind of drugs and i just stand there looking at them all when they eventually notice. im there looking pissed off as hell. the one who got his head smacked against the wall comes over to me with a big grin on his face thinking hes safe because its in a public place where i grab his neck and begin to twist it until i hear a snap. at this point a bouncer comes over asking if hes allright to which i reply hes just pissed out of his face and let him slowly drop to the floor. since hes still talking (?) he says a few random things such as duck and the bouncers agree that hes normally here on something or the other so hes probably telling the truth. the others theives all look at until Sean Bean comes over (AHMAGAD SEAN BEAN) and asks whats going on here. I reply just some justice to which Sean just looks me over and nods and walks away leaving the theives sort of bricking it. Unfortunately this is where the dream ends but im guessing some sort of kungfu/punisher style fight occurred

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