Friday, 28 May 2010


After 2 previously failed attempts at creating and holding a Flickr account i have given up on them two but im going start again here [Flickr Lickr] it helps that theres less wank on flickr (apparently)

Friday, 21 May 2010


Pretty awesome dream. I was at some sort of hybrid version of where i used to live, my home in yorkshire and salford and was essentially just going about my daily buisness. I only remember from going to the swimming baths where i managed to walk in and get in there whilst there was some sort of lesson going and after realising i hop out and get changed. randomly apparently the band creed were playing in the same building when some guys came into the changing rooms and asked me that he'd thought he'd seen me before and thought i liked them because apparently i had msn groups towards it and we'd all get together talk about the band and then game on somat. i leave fairly quicksmart because i couldnt be bothered with it and start walking... home? while listening to my iPod which while crossing a road manages to fall out of my pocket with the headphones still attached. i pull it back into my hands before a car runs over it and start setting it to some better music where i see some chav fuck with a black eye start walking directly towards me with his belt or somat. he comes up to me and shouts give me your ipod or ill kick the shit out of you to which i reply "will you really then?" so he gets his belt and attempts to beat beat me with however before it manages to build momentum i pull an indiana jones and grab it mid lunge which wraps it around my fist and i pull it off from him. the chav so confused immediately starts to back away quite rapidly still attempting to shout threats like "give me your iPod i need it to buy heroin" while im walking towards him with a broken pint glass i found on the floor. he then legs it away so i drop the glass when i suddenly hear some of my rarely seen friends start shouting me and run up to me and drag me to some party (to which the chav is at but attempting to hide in the crowd). i dont know why this happened but after i decided to go the scene suddenly changes to that of a live feed on a computer so i close it down and go tell my dad how about my chav "fight"

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sunday, 16 May 2010

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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ghost school

The continuation of last nights dream to which id forgotten about till id forgotten about until now.

The story takes place in some sort of abandoned school/college, one I've never seen before I might add. A large group of us are traversing into it from the main door. The paranormal activity increases the deeper inside you get. Yesterdays dream dealt with the most haunted style of ghost sightings with just orbs, glowing shit, doors opening/closing on their own and very slight apparitions. I'm not totally sure what happened in the end but I imagine that I saw a direct apparition and that caused me to wake up.

Today's dream continues directly after whilst deeper in to school. The starting ghost sign was an invisible poltergeist moving the doors and window shutters as if he were running past knocking into them as he circled the room. Then proper ghosts start to appear. we're in a relatively empty room and 3 almost transparent ghosts appear from where we entered the room from and started shoot (I know this sounds wrong) guns at us. We all instinctively duck from the gun shots of which do no damage and when we realise this the ghosts have already disappeared. We head on into a student area with 2 big pool tables, a TV, more window shutters and a glass wall showing a courtyard area. We all take a break and start playing pool and watching TV and the like as the aerial still works (forgot to mention the power in the building is working). I noticed that on the TV it showed a room very very similar to the room we were in, albeit devoid of us. I bring this to everyone's attention to which people aren't really bothered until i look down the corridor we entered the room from. 3 ghosts suddenly start to materialise and end up being quite visible compared to before walking towards us until they properly enter the room and again start shooting us up. This marked the end of my dream as some cunt from outside was being loud

Sunday, 9 May 2010

SPAM is on hold while i deal with this Persepolis review. Shame its so hard to find an english dubbed copy of the film
shhhh mother fucker you dont talk enough

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Operation SUMMER

Step 1: Ensure have money left over
Step 2: Exercise the fuck out of shit since I cant concentrate here (aided by the gym equipment got at home)
Step 3: Walk/hike often, lovely camera will be in tow
Step 4: sloowww down on the drink, its cheaper but cutting it out will be less fun
Step 5: Organise slow homeboys to do more outdoorsy shit like hopefully camping
Step 6: Destroy the world

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

5 SPAM typefaces so far (excluding the original)

Monday, 3 May 2010

SPAM Progress

Basic idea is nailed just need to work out a few details with it. Gonna try and fix a few other things with SPAM's crappy packaging