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Friday, 26 March 2010

final rant of the night

I am a vegetarian (despite appearances) and I disagree completely with the whole seasherpard bollocks. Firstly the leader is a Greenpeace reject who decided to go for a quick buck and televise his futile efforts. Secondly all they do is anger the whalers who have years of experience hunting whales and can easily just turn away and nab extra endangered species (plus their last attempt at stopping the whalers resulted in their prize boat getting cut in half). Thirdly dont sympathy story your way into getting peoples interests! There are far harder working anti whalers at work who dont do it so they can say "AHMAGAD IM ON TV LOOOK AT MEEEEE" they do it because they generally believe in the course and do as much as they can to cause the whalers to get bored and fuck off home like they should.

Peace x

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